Vision & Mission


The Company Pledges itself to an everlasting commitment to uncompromising quality consciousness and a humane attitude of caring. We capitalize on our strengths by embracing the following values:

Stand by our word

Amidst uncertainty in the current business and economic environment, honoring commitments is imperative to success. At ECL, we have nurtured a culture of keeping our commitments to customers and business clients.

Valuing and respecting diversity

With a keen focus on ‘respect for people’, we strive to make our company an employee-centric organization providing equal growth opportunities to all. We value each opinion and view constructive differences in opinion as learning opportunities for rational decision making.

Develop unique abilities to offer innovative products

We value functional expertise and recognize that our clients look to us to provide the best products. Hence, we invest in capacity and skill development initiatives to help our associates imbibe and apply the necessary skills to fuel product innovation.

Anticipate trends, not just follow them

We think deeply about the new trends that impact our business and have developed the ability to foster new ideas and take calculated risks to succeed in a rapidly changing environment. Being an early mover and anticipating trends are deeply ingrained in our thinking and execution.

Identify and fulfill our responsibilities to the communities around us

We are sensitive to the needs of the communities around us and we constantly look for ways to contribute and make a positive difference. Our contribution to the society is an important corporate and individual priority.