Company Profile

Ekansh Concepts Limited(Formerly known as Paramone Concepts Limited) is a BSE listed company. The Company is managed by a committed management team Equipped with technical expertise,excellent domain knowledge and extensive cross-functional experience; they nurture interactive relationships with the client.

The Company provides Engineering,procurement and construction facilities for infrastructure projects including roads,bridges,tunnels,pipelines,runways and highway projects.

Ekansh Concepts Limited is focused on delivering high quality work within budgeted time and costs. By taking an integrated and centralised approach to infrastructure management,the company has become a truly dependable project leader by achieving its high quality assurance standards,contractual schedules and by enhancing competitive advantage while also reducing its costs

Choice Reality Private Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ekansh Concepts Limited.

Each business is managed independently by a young and dedicated team of professionals and the continuing success of the group is attributable to its spirit of innovation and commitment to excellence.In each of its chosen fields of activity,the Group enjoys an enviable position; in many of them,it is the leader and innovator; in all of them,the same standards of professionalism and excellence prevail.